Access to Data

The ACT Government is committed to open government and open data. The release of government data creates opportunities for innovative use and reuse of data, and allows the commercial, research and community sectors to add value. Releasing government data also assists government in making evidence-based policy and service delivery decisions and supports increased citizen participation in government.

Please refer to the Data Terms and Conditions for more information about how to utilise the information provided on this website.

There are currently 3 ways to access ACT Government’s Open Geospatial Data (data is updated nightly):

1. Searching and Download: Through the ACT Government Geospatial Data Catalogue you are able to search by name or key word, filter data, download (Spreadsheet, KML or Shapefile) or utilise web services (GeoJSON or GeoService). Repetition will be needed per dataset.

2. Complete Land Administration Databases: you are able to download the complete land administration database as ACT (DWG only) or by division in multiple formats (DWG only) and projections (MGA94 zone 55, ACT Grid or GDA94 lat/long).
Currently there is no notification of change, we encourage you to download the files you need at the time you need it, to ensure its currency.
Select your format: [ AutoCAD (.dwg), Data layers include: Address, Administration, Cadastre, Feature Names, Open Space, Territory Plan, Transport and Water

3. Connect to ACTmapi web services.

If you would like to access Imagery or elevation data, please refer to Imagery and Elevation

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